• Block The Bill

With the final reading and vote on the NHS Bill, the Coalition Government’s new law which appeared to open up the public service to competition and private involvement, a protest had been organised on Westminster Bridge, which symbolically linked The Houses of Parliament with the flagship St. Thomas’ Hospital on the south bank of The Thames.

Blocking the bridge was the stated aim, although this was achieved by the police in the facilitation of the pre-agreed demonstration.

Protesters gathered on the bridge and changed into hospital ‘scrubs’, before having a ‘die in’ on the road. There were several tripods with protesters atop on the bridge, designed to place people in precarious positions to deter any heavy-handed clearance by the authorities.

I wanted to get an image of one of these structures with a landmark in the background, which proved to be quite difficult with groups of protesters lying down on the floor.

Afterwards, I enhanced the image, increasing the exposure to reduce the silhouetting of the protester and then bringing back the detail of the building behind. All of the colour was removed except for blue, which was given this beautiful glow.

Block The Bill

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