• Avebury Tree

Rumoured to have been the inspiration for JRR Tolkien’s race of tree beings in The Lord Of The Rings, the Ents (or Treants), this group of beech trees stands on the chalk banks surrounding Avebury.

I’d never heard of Avebury until 2012, when I was planning a motorcycle road trip, with stone circles providing the waypoints.  I’d already decided from the outset, that I would be giving the famous Stonehenge a miss, heading for less well-known sites that hadn’t been ruined by their popularity.

So here was a stone circle to top them all, surrounding an entire village, albeit a small one.  Dotted around the village are enormous stones, some standing up to three times or more the height of an average tourist.

Around the outer edge there is a chalk bank, leaving the village in a slight bowl and walking around I came across this magnificent group of beech trees, with the roots exposed.  Round the back, various visitors had tied ribbons or anything else they could find to the branches, giving the place a really magical feel.  I relied on a fisheye lens for this shot, which showed off the ‘reflection’ of the branches in the roots on the ground.

Avebury Tree

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